Light as Gold


Light as Gold shot my wedding day. Lindsey (including her husband) were bright lights to us, serving my husband and I with their gentleness, peace and creativity as Lindsey captured the day. Their presence alone was a gift. Light as Gold was nothing but a joy to have near on our wedding day. But more than that, what she captures is nothing short of treasury to my husband and I. We received our wedding pictures today and are in awe forever over them. Light as Gold has been such a GIFT to us and we are so very grateful to have had them capturing our favorite day yet. Foreverrrrr blessed by you, Light as Gold (Lindsey & Carlos) With all of that said, you will be getting far more gold than you could ask for, when booking Light as Gold to shoot for you. She’s a wizard. A genius moment capturer. An artist. A QUEEN. We recommend her all day long!!!!
— The McAllister's

How long have you been doing photography?

I started photography about 4 years ago! Really just messing around, and taking pictures of plants, nature and aesthetically pleasing things haha. But then over that next year I was asked by several friends to photograph their families, senior shoots, portraits, and eventually weddings! Don’t get me wrong - I did everything at first, but it wasn’t long after that when I fell in LOVE with taking pictures of couples, and decided to hone in on photographing what made me the happiest! Ain’t nothing wrong with that right?

Where are you based? do you often travel for shoots | weddings?

I am currently based in the beautiful city of Austin, TX! And honestly, I don’t travel as much as I would like to. But I’m working on changing that, and hoping for some new opportunities to come my way! Here’s where I’ve been - TX, OK, AZ, CO + Iceland.

Does your husband always shoot with you?

Not a whole ton, actually. But he’s often with me at a lot of my shoots, and if a second shooter is on your list of needs, he’s happy to step in and help out. I don’t give him enough credit, but hotdang he’s got the eye! He has a full time job of his own, so if his work schedule allows, he’s with me and that’s just how we like it!

Are you still taking clients for 2019?

YEP! Let’s chat!

What are your favorite locations to shoot at?

I can get down with a lot of different locations, but my favorites have to be outside in some kind of nature, major plus if there’s a scenic overlook of some kind, but I also dig the cool downtown/old building vibes too.

I have a list of places I like to share with my clients looking for location suggestions!

What do I wear to my session?

Lucky for you, I have an AWESOME What to Wear Guide for my clients that need some extra pointers in this area. And I’m also super happy to help in any way I can. The most important thing is that you are comfortable, you can move around, and that you feel like YOU!

Will you Photoshop us?

I’ll be honest, this is a trigger question for me, LOL. I will perform basic retouches on your images and take it upon myself to decide what in an image needs my extra attention. Things like, bruises, acne, a burn, bandaids, or anything that wouldn’t normally be there, I typically take out. But I like to promote body positivity and overall REALNESS. I want you to look like you, and love the way you look because the image represents your love affection for one another! After all, that’s what this is all about right?

Do you offer discounts?

I do not typically offer discounts, no. But I do have a bucket list of locations and places I have been wanting to shoot at, and would be willing to work with you on pricing if you’re also looking to travel to one of these places! Contact me personally for this list of locations!

how long do I have to wait for my images?

My turnaround time for weddings and elopements is between 6-8 weeks, BUT you will receive a sneak peek gallery within 3 weeks! And for smaller sessions like engagements, or a couples session it’s around 4-6 weeks. It’s not often, but turnaround times can vary depending on season, or if I am traveling more than usual. I promise to keep you updated, if things are taking longer than the norm.

What if I need to cancel | reschedule?

I totally understand, schedules are crazy! Especially when you’re getting married! I will allow one reschedule for a planned session, but if we have to move it a second time, there’s a rescheduling fee that will be automatically added to your invoice. As for weddings - lord forbid! If we are just moving the date, and that date just so happens to still be available on my calendar, your deposit will be applied to your new date. Cancellations for weddings just result in dissolving the contract and the deposit is kept, as it is non-refundable.

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Our wedding pictures turned out so perfect. Light as Gold captured every detail of our special day and could not recommend them more!
— The Molina's
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Light as Gold did such an amazing job on my wedding. They did everything so perfect and we’re very professional in everything they did. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a photographer. They are an absolute joy to work with!
— The Ferguson's

Do you give out RAW unedited images?

No, only because I believe my editing is what gives my images LIFE! Its the cherry on top of the ice cream! They need each other, in my opinion. Also, I want to make sure my images and brand are fully represented how they were intended to be, and the only way I can trust that is through my own individual editing style. I am pretty firm on this!

Will you help me plan my wedding?

I think in another life I was a wedding designer or stylist, haha I have such a love for it! And I will help as best I can! I’m not a wedding planner, by any means, but I am recently married and have been doing this a few years now. So I know a thing or two! I also have a special list of wedding vendors and experts I have personally worked closely with, that I give to all my wedding clients looking for planners, DJs, videographers, florists, rentals, etc.

How much are your traveling fees?

I don’t personally have a set travel fee. All I ask, is that you cover transportation, lodging, and airfare, and those expenses are exactly as you would find them on google or any other travel site. So typically, I would create an invoice for you with a breakdown of all the travel expenses, so there’s no surprises. And once I have the a-okay from you guys, I then use a portion of your deposit to book and reserve my flight, hotel and rental car, if needed. Then I just add the travel expenses to your final payment which is due two weeks before the wedding.

I usually like to book my own hotel or airbnb and flight, but I’m also totally down to crash with you guys if you’re staying at a family home and there’s some extra beds or couches lying around with my name on them. Also, if you’d rather not pay for a car rental, you could also appoint someone in your family or bridal party to pick me up from the airport, and I can just tag along with you for the duration of my stay! Like I said, I’m down for whatever!