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Hey. mind if I tag along?

I promise to be your best third wheel yet!

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A Little about me

Lindsey here! I’m so happy you’ve found yourself at my site! Here’s a little about me so we can kick things off on the right foot.

I am a destination wedding and elopement photographer currently based out of the DFW bouncing between the cities of Denton, TX and Austin, TX my whole life. So you can say that I am 100% a Texas girl, born’n raised! — meaning I love tacos, margaritas, bon fires, cacti and wildflowers galore! 

I have been shooting couples and weddings all over the southern US for the last 3 years, and I can honestly say that this is my passion. Photography fuels me and fills me all the way up. And since I have hoened-in on love stories exclusively, I have found that I am a-okay with what started out as a silly little hobby, becoming a full-blown profession. 

I’m recently married! I know everyone says the same things about their significant others, but my husband is the kindest, most gentle soul and together we are so weird, but it’s the best kind of weird out there. I can’t think of anything I am looking forward to more, than coming home to his sweet face, starting up our annual Harry Potter marathon, and stuffing our face with oreos. It’s just the best.

I’m also a proud dog mom of a two year old French Bulldog named Maple, and she is my child, I love her so so much. If you’re lucky, you may get to meet her at one of our shoots or client meetings, no promises ;) 

When it comes to photography, I gravitate towards the wild hearted, crazy in love, risk taking couples. The rule breakers that are okay with hopping a fence or two to capture “THE shot.” The lovers that are true to the their authentic, unplanned moments that are sometimes messy, but beautifully and uniquely them. And when I say you, I mean the REAL YOU. I aim to capture the genuine moments (laughing out loud, eskimo kisses, silly dancing, weirdness, and even the occasional tears)

I want you and others to feel a connection to your images, therefore I may not be your girl if you’re looking for “smile at the camera poses” or if you’re wanting to look “perfect.” Don’t get me wrong — we will have fun, make memories, we may even break some rules, but my focus is on you as a couple and the love that you share, and hopefully you will feel a stronger connection to your images because they truly represent who you are!

My husband has become my partner in crime in photography, and turns out we both share a passion for it! Lucky us! Together we are one hell of a team, so if a second shooter is on your list then we’ve got that covered!