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Wedding Tips + Tricks


10 Wedding Tips + Tricks !


1.Details Box

Details are typically the first thing I start with upon arrival to your venue or get ready location. On the day of your wedding, it feels like everything is everywhere! Someone else has your rings, your mom's running late and has your shoes, your jewelry is buried deep down in the bottom of your overnight bag, and your invites are nowhere to be found. Things happen, but your details are important! Having a designated box or area for these items is essential, not to mention peace of mind knowing that everything is kept altogether, and that your photographer can easily find it! Shockingly, details by themselves can take up to an hour of photo time, sometimes more! So the easier it is for me to grab your items and get to snapping, the faster I can get back to you and focus on those sweet anticipated get ready shots.

I want you to have the best photos, so here's a list of things that you might consider having with your details, and some extras that can be helpful for styling! Not all these things will be applicable to you, and you don't have to provide each thing, just a helpful list:

  • All rings (including engagement) in their boxes

  • Invites (including envelopes), save the dates, vow books, directions, table numbers, menus, etc.

  • Garter(s)

  • Jewelry pieces (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, heirlooms)

  • Perfume/cologne

  • Shoes

  • Bouquet and boutonniere

  • The ribbon from your bouquet

  • A few extra floral pieces or sprigs

  • A nice wooden, or felt hanger for the wedding dress

2.Clutter Free Environment

Those beautiful images you see of brides being zipped up in their gowns in their well lit bridal suits, or of the groom tying his shoes in a big leather chair in his grooms suite, those images call for more than one set of helping hands, and most importantly a clutter free environment! Have your bridesmaids/groomsmen, or someone who will be with you getting ready, help you keep the area clean! I'm all for going with the flow and letting things unfold on their own, but the last thing you'll want to see in your photos is your bridesmaid's self tanning kit and dirty clothes piled on the floor, or your groomsmen's vape pen and gym bag stuffed in the corner.

I recommend utilizing the bathroom, nearby closet, or at the very least designating a corner of the room to keep things tidy and out of sight.

Sometimes we are working in small spaces, poor lighting, or clutter is just unavoidable! In that case I may pull you out of the room and into another area for some last minute touch up shots without all the extra chaos happening around you, so no worries if the space doesn't look 100% according to plan on the day of. Sometimes we just gotta work with what we got!

3.Designate a Timekeeper + wrangler

Time can and will get away from you on the day of. Having someone nearby that can help keep you on track is essential for having the time to capture all the images we've planned for! It's hard not to getting pulled into an emotional conversation with a relative, or for hair and makeup to take a little longer than anticipated. I'll do my best to keep us as close to the timeline as possible, but I won't necessarily be with you the whole time, so having someone there to keep you on track can be super beneficial.

In addition -- A wrangler! A wrangler does exactly as the name states! Your family/bridal party/friends tend to sneak away just at the right time! Having someone designated to go find them and bring them back for photos can be really helpful for both you and I!