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No, only because I believe my editing is what gives my images LIFE! Its the cherry on top of the ice cream! They need each other, in my opinion. Also, I want to make sure my images and brand are fully represented how they were intended to be, and the only way I can trust that is through my own individual editing style. I am pretty firm on this!

HOW MANY IMAGES ARE INCLUDED in your collections?

I love this question -- only because I'm super happy to tell you that I don't really put a cap on the amount of images you'll receive in return. I personally think it's unfair, from a photographer standpoint, to withhold images or moments from one of your happiest days! So because of that, I aim to give back as many as possible! Right now I'm averaging a minimum of at least 60 images an hour, and most often it's way more than this.


I totally understand, schedules are crazy! Especially when you’re getting married! I will allow one reschedule for a planned session, but if we have to move it a second time, there’s a rescheduling fee that will be automatically added to your invoice. As for weddings - lord forbid! If we are just moving the date, and that date just so happens to still be available on my calendar, your deposit will be applied to your new date. As for cancellations, the contract will be dissolved and the deposit is kept, as it is non-refundable.


Geeez, that's a scary thought haha! Heaven forbid! If for some reason something crazy happens that's completely out of my control, and I can’t make it to your wedding — I will do my absolute best to help find a suitable replacement photographer with a similar style to mine, so that you won’t be left empty handed. And if nothing else, you will be refunded due to the unfortunate circumstances.

can you photoshop us to look skinnier | have clear skin | make it look like we’re being abducted by aliens by photoshoping a giant UFO in our photos?

I will perform basic retouches on your images and take it upon myself to decide what in an image needs my extra attention. Things like, bruises, acne, a burn, bandaids, or anything that wouldn’t normally be there, I typically take out. But I like to promote body positivity and overall REALNESS. I want you to look like you, and love the way you look because the image represents your love affection for one another! After all, that’s what this is all about right?

Totally would photoshop in a UFO though. Hahaha, just sayin.

Do you offer payment plans?

Short answer — yes!

Long answer — I require a 20% deposit for in state weddings, a 50% deposit for out of state and international weddings, and a signed Contract at the time of booking. Those two things will lock me in for your date, so that no other bookings can take your place! And then with your remaining balance, I can set up a monthly payment plan with a email reminder and invoice, so that each month you are reminded to make a new payment. We can do this on whichever day of the month works best for you!

Why do you charge a sales tax?

Contrary to popular belief, at least for the state of Texas — The sales of photographs are taxable! And since photographs can be made from film or digital and electronic files, sales tax applies! Feel free to ask me more on this if you have any other questions about it!


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