Light as Gold





I’m SO happy to share some of my favorite places in and around ATX that I highly recommend for exploring and taking photos, or just for your own personal adventures! The ones in bold are locations that I have already been to and have scouted the areas for photo opportunities. The ones not in bold, I have not been to but would love to explore together! The links to most of the locations are images from Instagram, to see more of what the location looks like, use Instagram’s places feature to view more photos other people have taken in that area.

Keep in mind that some locations are high tourist attractions. If we plan on shooting during the weekend at a popular spot, there will likely be crowds and our shoot won’t feel as intimate as I would prefer. I recommend shooting during the weekday if possible, or we can try to find a similar scenery that’s more secluded. If you’re set on a high attraction location — that’s totally fine! Just be prepared, we may be dodging in and out of people that are trying to get photos, or who are also trying to enjoy the area.

Pro Tip: A good trick to see how touristy or busy a place might be is to search the location in Instagram — if you find a million photos tagged at the one spot, you’ll want to think about going at a non-peak time or day/year. We want to try and avoid crowded areas, so our shoot will feel more secluded and intimate.

If you’re trying to figure out how far the location is from where you’re at/staying: click on one of the location links below, which will open up Instagram > above the image is the location’s name > click on it > you will then see a blue “view information” button > click on that and it will provide an address to the general location (a website and phone number may be provided as well). By using this feature you can see how far the drive will be.

Scroll down below to see all the locations! I also included my favorite Airbnbs and Hotels in Austin! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!